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Welcome to the website of the Group for Beardless Irises. The Group was formed in June 1976 as a section of The British Iris Society to foster interest in beardless irises around the world by the exchange of ideas, seeds and plants. In those days, the internet was a dim distant prospect, but given the web's importance today and the ability it gives to publish information at low cost, the Group decided at the start of 2010 to try a period of free 'web membership'. Accordingly, you will find on the website our latest publications which you can download and enjoy. Browse through the navigation menu on the left to find out more.

Details about the GBI and membership options - About the GBI
Our annual Reviews & Newsletters can be found in Publications
You can order seed throughout the year from the lastest Seed List
A brief look at the beardless irises - Beardless Irises

With our best wishes for the rest of 2020
Our latest Newslettter is now available.
Our next Review and Seed list is due in December. Please do get in touch if you would like to be involved, and don't forget to enter the BIS Winter Photo Competition .

It is with sadness that we announce the death of our Chairman, Anne Blanco White who diligently held that position since 2007, after having previously been Secretary. A very remarkable person, she was the first woman to become President of The British Iris Society, a post she held on three occasions and had maintained an active involvement in the BIS and its Groups. Her friendship and iris knowledge will be greatly missed.
25th December 2019