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Thank you for taking the time to read about the Group. We are a small band of iris enthusiasts and like most gardeners we are willing to share our interests. You can read our publications free of charge on these pages. If you find the site interesting, please register your email address by following    this link    and we will advise you when new publications are available for viewing or when the new seed list is out. You will not be plagued by emails, but as well as keeping you informed from time to time, it will let us know if the site is being found useful.

As well as free e-membershp, regular membership is available but a subscription must be paid. The latest large postal price rises (2020) have particularly affected the cost of sending mail outside of the UK. To mitigate this we are offering two tier membership rates. Both the higher and lower rate members will receive the Review by post, but the lower rate members will receive seedlists and the Newsletter by email instead of a hardcopy. We felt the sending of these by post offered poor value for money. Please choose the appropriate button below.

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We hope you enjoy our pages and if you would like to support us further, please consider the seeds we have for sale. If you are would like to get involved or write for us, then please do get in touch.
Current details of the Group's officers can be found here and also our constitution.