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The links given below are those which we think you will find useful. Please let us know of anyone connected with the group who is omitted, as we would like to rectify the ommision as quickly as possible.

  1. UK Nurseries
  2. UK Plant Collections
  3. European Nurseries
  4. Other Nurseries
  5. Societies
  6. Blogs
  7. Web Forums

UK Nurseries A general nursery near Edinburgh with a good selection of irises Large range of Siberian and Japanese Iris - nursery near Kidderminster A garden & nursery in Brentnor with a large range of Water-loving Iris

UK Plant Collections Collection of Siberian Iris & Garden with a range of irises in Herefordshire. National Collection of Scorpiris at Kew, London National Collection of Iris Ensata, garden and nursery. 20 acre garden with 3 lakes and a stream, created by the late Dr. Smart. Devon. National Collection of Siberian Iris cvs. at NTS Threave School of Heritage Gardening, Dumfries & Galloway National Collection of Iris unguicularis in the Winterbourne Botanic Garden. Rob Gill's collection of irises, based in Lincolnshire

European Nurseries Dr Tomas Tamberg is a leading hybriser of beardless irises. He has done pioneering work on interspecies crosses.

Other Nurseries Nursery founded in 1993 to offer hybrids of the late Dr Currier McEwen - both Siberian and Japanese irises. Ensata Gardens - American nursery specialising in Japanese, Siberian and species irises. A general plant nursery, but with the Siberian Iris introductions of Jeff Dunlop and Dean Cole. Joe Pye Weed's Garden. American nursery specialising in Siberian, Versicolor and species irises.

Societies The Society for Louisana Irises is an American based society for the promotion of Louisiana irises. The Society for the Pacific Coast Native Iris The Species Iris Group of North America The Society for Japanese Irises

Blogs The historic iris blog of New Zealand based Terry Johnson.

Web Forums A Yahoo group for the echange of photos of Siberian, Japanese and beardless species.

Other General Links The Alpine Garden Society - promoting an interest in all aspects of alpine plants cultivation and conservation The Hardy Plant Society stimulates interest in growing hardy herbaceous plants. Plant Heritage is the world's leading garden plant conservation charity. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS Scottish Rock Garden Club - for people who love plants