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The latest 2020/2021 Seed List is given below; a pdf form can be downloaded here and you are welcome to purchase packets in multiples of 10 at a cost of:
UK - 7
Europe - 10
Elsewhere - 11
You can either print out and complete the order form included in the pdf Seed List, or alternatively you can pay using the PayPal button below and email your order to us, listing the seed numbers required.
Sales are subject to availability, so please list substitutes, or if there is specific seed that you would like, please email before paying to check that that seed is still available. The seed exchange is open to non-members and operates throughout the year.

Please be aware that some countries restrict the import of seeds. The time & cost of providing phytosanitary certificates makes such orders impractical. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure they are complying with any import requirements. We will not be liable for seed sent if there is any breach. If in doubt please email .

Previous lists can be found here for reference only.   2019   2018   2017   2016   2015   2014   2013  

No of seed packets

Please note - cultivars do not come true from seed, no matter how closely the seedlings may resemble their parents - the photos give an idea of how the seedlings may appear, though surprises can be very welcome! Seed listed in blue is this year's seed - we can be more generous with the older seed which will still be viable

Seed List 2020/2021

1. x confusa 'Martyn Rix ' ABW UK
2. x cristata 'Precious Pearl' MS USA
3. x cristata 'Sam's Mini' dwarf blue MS USA
4. x gracilipes mixed blues MS USA
5. milesii BM UK
6. lacustris GL UK
7. tectorum IE Canada iris tectorum
8. tectorum AW UK
9. tectorum MS USA
10. tectorum ex Bhutan ABW UK
11. tectorum Burma form ABW UK
12. setosa subsp canadensis syn. hookeri JH UK
13. setosa RL Germany
14. setosa EF UK
15. setosa GL UK iris setosa
16. setosa JLCC Spain
17. setosa seedling pale lavender MS USA
18. x setosa 'Aaron's Blue' MS USA
19. x setosa 'Tourist' MS USA
20. tridentata mixed clones of wild collected plants MS USA
21. x sanguinea 'Kamayama' JLCC Spain
22. x sanguinea 'RISC Reward' likely selfed MS USA
23. sibirica mixed HK UK
SERIES SIBERICAE 28 Chromosome hybrids (T=56)
24. x 'Art in Bloom' D Yellow overlaid w violet-blue AW UK
25. x 'Ashfield Clementine' D dk blue flat form AW UK iris ashfield clementine
26. x 'Banish Misfortune' D S blue, F cream/yellow ground blue veins AW UK
27. x 'Banish Misfortune' GL UK iris banish misfortune
28. x 'Berliner Ouvertuere' D pale lavender, early GL UK
29. x 'Berries and Cream' S violet-blue F cream, blue veins AW UK
30. x 'Blaue Finale' T S light blue F darker GL UK
31. x 'Bournemouth Beauty' T light blue F marbled with paler blue GL UK iris bournemouth beauty
32. x 'Bramble Smoothie' D white, marbled & veined violet AW UK
33. x 'Cleedownton' T S light blue, F darker JH UK iris cleedownton
34. x 'Demure Illini' D grape/white signal GL UK
35. x 'Dreaming Late' T white GL UK
36. x 'Dreaming Yellow' white/creamy yellow AW UK
37. x 'Dreaming Yellow' GL UK
38. x 'Emily Ada' lilac-pink AW UK
39. x 'Enid Burgoyne' D white/pale yellow AW UK iris enid burgoyne
40. x 'Ever Again' GL UK
41. x 'Flight of Butterflies' S violet-blue F cream veined AMM Canada
42. x 'Ginger Twist' D S lavender F pinkish brown AW UK
43. x 'Golden Edge' T medium violet, yellow signal, ruffled GL UK
44. x 'Grosser Wein' T wine red GL UK
45. x 'Gulls Wing' white GL UK
46. x 'Here Be Dragons' D violet on yellow AW UK iris here be dragons
47. x 'Hoar Edge' T dk violet-blue F with white edge AW UK
48. x 'Hohe Warte' D pale lavender white AW UK
49. x 'Huntress' D S bluish, F brown AW UK
50. x 'Huntress' GL UK
51. x 'Kiss the Girl' D shades of lemon AW UK
52. x 'Kleiner Schmetterling' D light blue small flowers GL UK
53. x 'Lavendelwein' T violet AW UK iris lavendelwein
54. x 'Lavendelwein' GL UK
55. x 'Lemon Veil' D white/lemon lavender GL UK
56. x 'Madeleine Hamilton' T dark blue, white signal JH UK
57. x 'Margaret Gillian' T dark red/purple JH UK
58. x 'Miss Apple' D dk red, yellow markings AW UK
59. x 'Miss Apple' GL UK
60. x 'My Love' D azure GL UK
61. x 'Olive Emerson' warm yellow GL UK
62. x 'Osborne's Grey' D greyish white AW UK
63. x 'Painted Woman' D S pearl F red-violet GL UK
64. x 'Pansy Purple' D deep purple AW UK
65. x 'Paprikash' D apricot red violet AW UK
66. x 'Pennywhistle' D violet-blue F cream veined GL UK
67. x 'Phosphorflamme' D dk violet-blue JH UK
68. x 'Pink Haze' D pink self AW UK
69. x 'Rauchblau' T light blue GL UK
70. x 'Regency Belle' T mid violet-blue, lighter styles GL UK
71. x 'Rubies on Tap' D ruby red, F lighter AW UK
72. x 'Ruffled Velvet' D violet-purple JH UK
73. x 'Salamander Crossing' D S lilac, F yellow, all with violet flecks AW UK iris salamander crossing
74. x 'Shall we Dance' T S light blue, F blue violet GL UK iris shall we dance
75. x 'Shrawley' D S deep violet, F white veined violet AW UK iris shrawley
76. x 'Simply Brilliant' D S light lavender, F darker, yellow signal GL UK
77. x 'Snowcrest' D creamy white GL UK
78. x 'Snow Prince' D white small flowers GL UK
79. x 'Sound and Spirit' D orchid pink GL UK
80. x 'So Van Gogh' D blue violet, yellows falls AW UK
81. x 'Stephen Wilcox ' T S lavender, F deep red violet GL UK iris stephen wilcox
82. x 'Stephen Wilcox ' AW UK
83. x 'Sugar Sprite' D white, dwarf MS USA
84. x 'Sugi Iri' D small flowers, lavender, veined AW UK
85. x 'Swank' D mid/deep blue AW UK
86. x 'Sweet Surrender' wine red GL UK
87. x 'Tall Dark and Handsome' purple/white. Reblooming AW UK
88. x 'Tree of Songs' D light & dark yellow AW UK
89. x 'Viel Creme' T pale yellow/white GL UK
90. x 'Wealden Spires' D S cream F pale yellow AW UK iris wealden spires
91. x 'Wealden Summer' D blue/white dainty AW UK
92. x 'White Swirl' D famous flared white GL UK
93. large packet of named Siberians - older seed
94. mixed tetraploids JLCC Spain
95. mixed tetraploids JH UK
40 Chromosome Species & Hybrids
96. bulleyana JLCC Spain
97. chrysographes 'Rubella' JH UK
98. forrestii BA UK
99. forrestii JLCC Spain
100. wilsonii EF UK
101. douglasiana collected in California JLCC Spain douglasiana - California
102. douglasiana EF UK
103. x douglasiana 'Point Reyes' large plant JLCC Spain
104. tenax EF UK
105. PCI blue, well-branched JLCC Spain
106. PCI burnt yellow 30cm 3 buds per stem AW UK
107. PCI cream w red signal AW UK
108. PCI dark blue JLCC Spain
109. PCI J Ghio mix JLCC Spain
110. PCI July flowering HP PJ UK
111. PCI lavender w darker signal AW UK
112. PCI lilac AW UK
113. PCI mixed blue JCLL Spain
114. PCI mixed colours JLCC Spain
115. PCI mixed red JLCC Spain pci mix red
116. PCI mixed seed PJ UK
117. PCI mixed seed AW UK
118. PCI pale yellow, large flowers JLCC Spain
119. PCI pink & lilac JLCC Spain
120. PCI pink & red JLCC Spain
121. PCI red & yellow mix JLCC Spain
122. PCI soft yellow w red signal UK UK
123. PCI upright white PJ UK
124. PCI yellow hybrid JLCC Spain
125. PCI yellow/plum JLCC Spain
126. PCI white/cream AW UK
127. x 'Big Money' mid to dk yellow AW UK
128. x 'Blue Bossa' violet-purple AW UK iris blue bossa
129. x 'Broadleigh Rose' old rose pink AW UK iris broadleigh rose
130. x 'Canyon Snow' white JLCC Spain
131. x 'Canyon Snow' seedling JLCC Spain
132. x 'Color of Money' brilliant yellow JLCC Spain color of money
133. x 'Mendocino Banner' white/purple JLCC Spain mendocino banner
SERIES LAEVIGATAE Species & hybrids
134. x 'albopurpurea' JLCC Spain
135. ensata light metallic blue BA UK
136. ensata pale violet RL Germany
137. ensata dark violet RL Germany
138. ensata mixed GL UK
139. ensata AW UK
140. ensata ex RISC (original seed wild collected) red/violet MS USA
141. x ensata ''Caprician Butterfly' white/dk blue heavy veins GL UK
142. x ensata 'Dainagon' reddidh purple GL UK
143. x ensata 'Eden's Paintbrush' mottled white/puple GL UK
144. x ensata 'Emotion' white/blue GL UK
145. x ensata 'Good Omen' deep wine red GL UK
146. x ensata 'Gracieuse' pale mauve GL UK
147. x ensata 'Himatsuri' rose/violet GL UK
148. x ensata 'Hoshi Akari' white/violet GL UK
149. x ensata 'Indigo Magic' flat flowers mid blue GL UK
150. x ensata 'Kishuu Wakanami' white/mauve GL UK
151. x ensata 'Kumo-No-Obi' flat flowers veined white blue GL UK
152. x ensata 'Laughing Lion' violet GL UK
153. x ensata 'Midsummmer Reverie' flat rosy-red/veined GL UK
154. x ensata 'Momogasumi' deep pink GL UK
155. x ensata 'Murakumo' blue/purple JLCC Spain
156. x ensata 'Rose Queen' rose pink GL UK iris rose queen
157. x ensata 'Rose Queen' RL Germany
158. x ensata sdlg 'Rose Queen' x 'Emotion' AF UK
159. x ensata 'Rowden' white/mauve veined GL UK
160. x ensata 'Royal Banner' flat flowers mauve GL UK
161. x ensata 'Silent Thunder' flat flowers mauve GL UK
162. x ensata 'Topas' pink GL UK
163. x ensata 'Vienette' mauve lined GL UK
164. laevigata RL Germany
165. laevigata JLCC Spain
166. x laevigata 'Richard Greaney' pale blue JH UK
167. x laevigata 'Rowden Starlight' white 90cm JH UK
168. pseudacorus RL Germany
169. pseudacorus EF UK
170. x pseudacorus 'Seakrill' AW UK
171. x pseudacorus 'Sushi' AW UK
172. x pseudacorus 'Sushi' GL UK
173. x pseudacorus var. maackii AW UK
174. x pseudacorus var. maackii 'Jin Yu' AW UK
175. x pseudacorus 'Variegata' (may not come true) HK UK
176. x robusta ex 'Gerald Darby' seedling small flowers JLCC Spain
177. x robusta 'Mountain Brook' JLCC Spain
178. versicolor mixed HK UK
179. versicolor purple JH UK
180. versicolor collected Gatineau Hills, Quebec AMM Canada
181. versicolor collected near Huntsville, Ontario AMM Canada
182. versicolor colour forms mixed JH UK
183. versicolor RL Germany
184. versicolor EF UK
185. x vers. 'Between the Lines' pale veined violet MS USA
186. x vers. 'Cat Mousam' mid violet-blue MS USA
187. x vers. 'Epic Poem' light violet blue MS USA
188. x vers. 'Light Verse' light blue violet MS USA
189. x vers. 'Mint Fresh' red veins on white GL UK
190. x vers. 'Murrayana' white MS USA
191. x vers. 'Party Line' red purple, white styles MS USA
192. x vers. 'Party Line' GL UK
193. x vers. 'Pink Peaks' dark pink with highlights MS USA
194. x vers. 'Rowden Aria' pink w white style arms GL UK
195. x vers. 'Rowden Cadenza' white/pink, yellow signal GL UK
196. x vers. 'Shape Up' red violet MS USA
197. x vers. 'Versicle' white MS USA
198. x vers. 'Whodunit' violet/white MS USA
199. virginica JLCC Spain
200. virginica RL Germany
201. giganticaerulea blue JLCC Spain giganticaerulea blue
202. nelsonii JLCC Spain
203. x 'Ann Chowning' red JLCC Spain
204. x 'Clyde Redmond' cornflour blue JLCC Spain iris clyde redmond
205. x 'Creole Rhapsody' wine/rose cream JLCC Spain creole rhapsody
206. Louisiana hybrid blue with large flowers JLCC Spain
207. Louisiana hardy species mix AMM Canada
208. prismatica MS USA
209. x prismatica 'Exeter' MS USA
210. prismatica ex Warburton blue/violet MS USA
211. prismatica light purple MS USA
SERIES SPURIAE Species & hybrids
212. crocea HK UK
213. crocea RL Germany
214. crocea 1.0m IE Canada
215. crocea 1.5m IE Canada
216. graminea MS USA
217. lilacina ABW UK
218. orientalis white/yellow GL UK Iris orientalis
219. orientalis JLCC Spain
220. orientalis AMM Canada
221. sintenisii 'Eco Gardens clone' evergreen form MS USA
222. sintenisii AW UK
223. spuria subsp carthaliniae AW UK
224. spuria subsp carthaliniae ABW UK
225. x spuria subsp carthaliniae 'Georgian Delicacy' pale blue MS USA
226. spuria subsp halophila IE Canada
227. spuria subsp halophila GL UK
228. spuria subsp spuria var. danica ABW UK
229. xanthospuria EF UK
230. x 'Chocolate Fudge' S deep brown, F yellow, brown rim AW UK
231. x 'Eleanor Hill' S purple, F yellow AW UK
232. x 'Highline Amethyst' deep reddish purple AW UK
233. x 'Imperial Bronze' yellow veined bronze AW UK
234. x 'Imperial Sun' lemon & golden orange AW UK
235. x 'Innovator' S deep lavender, F red/mauve AW UK
236. x 'Lenkoran' S light blue violet, F white, edged violet AW UK iris lenkoran
237. x 'Missouri Autumn' orange brown AW UK iris missouri autumn
238. x 'Philippa Baughen' yellow self AW UK iris philippa baughen
239. x 'Poet's Love' S lavender white, F yellow edged white AW UK
240. x 'Shelford Giant' white/yellow AW UK
241. x 'Twilight Mode' navy blue/gold AW UK
242. x 'Zamboanga' S deep red brown, F gold veined brown AW UK
243. yellow & white HK UK
244. mixed colours HK UK
245. mixed colours AW UK
246. blue & yellow JLCC Spain spuria mix
247. lavender & yellow JLCC Spain
248. yellow & copper JLCC Spain
249. brown & yellow JLCC Spain
250. foetidissima blue flowers RL Germany
251. foetidissima yellow AW UK iris foetidissima yellow
252. 'Foetidissima Fructo-Albo' AW UK
253. lactea mix of blue, violet & white MS USA
254. lactea blue & white RL Germany
255. lactea blue RL Germany
256. lactea form 1 ex TT blue/white RL Germany
257. lactea form 2 ex TT blue RL Germany
258. lactea form 3 RL Germany
259. x lactea 'Redundant' repeat bloomer blue/ violet/white MS USA
260. x lactea ex SIGNA 82-228 white/mauve AMM Canada
261. x lactea 'Tough Cookie' white MS USA
262. x lazica 'Joy Bishop' JH UK
263. xiphium probably - collected UK AW UK
264. willmottiana AMM Canada
265. x biversata seedling mixed JLCC Spain
266. x biversata 'Simply Cute' red violet MS USA
267. x norrisii from named clones & sdlgs of merit MS USA
268. x norrisii shorter forms AW UK
269. x norrisii MS USA
270. x norrisii AW UK
271. x norrisii 'Summer Candy' orchid pink & white MS USA
272. x pseudata 'Chance Beauty' ABW UK iris chance beauty
273. x sibtosa 'Wave Encore' GL UK
274. x tetra-sibtosa 'Northern Pink' JLCC Spain northern pink
275. x tetra-sibtosa 'Northern Pink' GL UK
276. x tetra-sibtosa ('Northern Pink' x 'Berlin Purple Wine') JLCC Spain northern pink x berlin purple
277. x (tetra-sibtosa 0609 x 'Golden Edge') seedling JLCC Spain
278. x versata seedling mixed JLCC Spain
279. domestica syn. Belamcanda chinensis apricot EF UK
280. domestica AW UK
281. Aquilegia formosa wild collected JLCC Spain
282. Aristea ecklonii AW UK
283. Crocosmia masoniorum RL Germany
284. x Crocosmia 'Carmine Brilliant' RL Germany
285. x Crocosmia 'Emberglow' RL Germany
286. x Crocosmia 'Lambrook Gold' AW UK
287. x Crocosmia 'Lucifer' AF UK
288. Dierama pink JLCC Spain dierama pink
289. Dierama pink AH UK
290. Dierama HK UK
291. Dierama pulcherrimum pink AF UK
292. Dietes grandiflora JLCC Spain
293. Freesia laxa syn. Anomatheca laxa/Lapeirousia laxa AW UK
294. Freesia laxa winter & summer growing RL Germany
295. Freesia refracta ABW UK
296. Gladiolus garnieri ABW UK
297. Gladiolus mixed RL Germany
298. x Gladiolus nanus 'Halley' AW UK
299. x Gladiolus papilio 'Ruby' AW UK gladiolus papilio ruby
300. Hemerocallis D & T JLCC Spain
301. Hemerocallis hybrids ABW UK
302. Hesperantha coccinea AW UK
303. Lapeirousia anceps RL Germany
304. Libertia grandiflora MVC UK
305. Orthrosanthus laxus ABW UK
306. Pasithea caerulea GL UK
307. Sisyrinchium angustifolium ABW UK
308. Sisyrinchium striatum AW UK
309. Tigridia pavona AW UK
310. Tigridia pavonia GH UK
311. Watsonia wilmaniae AW UK